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Visa Run 2023 from Pattaya to Cambodia and Playing at Eagle King Casino.

if you are expat living in Thailand, or simply need to extend your stay in Thailand, you will need to make your first trip abroad. The purpose of our trip was to travel to Cambodia and play in the casino Eagle King Casino, because on the Thai side, casinos are illegal.

At the very beginning, we could not decide whether to use the services of agencies offering Visa Run. Many people even advised us not to travel on our own. However, we decided to do it on our own, while enjoying the views of beautiful and incredibly colorful Thailand.

We spent the last three days at a hotel in Bangkok and then ordered a taxi to Pattaya, Chonburi province. The journey from Bangkok takes less than two hours and the cost of the journey varies from 1100 to 2000 THB.

We rented a car the next day. It cost us 2000 THB (about $60) for two days and more 5000 THB the deposit that the rental company pays back when you return the car. It was our first trip mainly due to the extension of the visa in Thailand. 

How to get to cambodia and play at eagle king casino

Travel from Bangkok or Pattaya to Ban Laem Border Crossing Visa Run 2023

The duration of the journey by car from Pattaya to the border crossing Ban Laem between Cambodia and Thailand it took about three hours each way. Once you get there, you will be able to use the paid parking at the Cambodian Market, which costs 40 THB.

The whole process of obtaining a visa to Cambodia is quite simple, and the entire run takes about an hour. The most important thing is to avoid all scammers who will try to sell you a skip-the-line visa or bribe an official. You will also pass people with ID badges around their necks. These are the people who make the border crossing through the agencies and return to Thailand. 

The first thing you need to do is go to the "Departure" box and legally leave Thailand. The next step is to obtain a visa to Cambodia, and its cost is 1500 THB. After obtaining your visa, you must go to the "Arrival" counter to Cambodia. You will get another stamp in your Passport and you can cross the border and enter the kingdom of Cambodia.

At the border crossing there are many souvenir shops and large casino Eagle King, which is literally right out of the box when you go to Cambodia. You can only pick up a tourist visa and return to Thailand straight away. We decided to stay for a while in Cambodia.

Visa to Cambodia and Legality of Casinos

The cost of obtaining a tourist visa to Cambodia is 1500 THB and entitles you to stay in the Kingdom of Cambodia for 30 days. By avoiding the agency, you can save a lot of money, and in case of trouble returning to Thailand, use people at the border.

In our case, everything went without any problems, and we literally told everyone that we were doing a visa run. Gambling in Cambodia is legal and attract crowds of tourists who like to gamble. We spent a few hours at the Eagle King Casino at the Ban Laem border crossing and had a great time.

Is it worth visiting the Eagle King Casino in Kamrieng?

How to get to cambodia and play at eagle king casino

I think this is a recommendable casino where you can spend many hours and is one of the main attractions on the border with Cambodia and Thailand. Gambling is one of Cambodia's more popular tourist destinations. So if you ever need to do visa application to Cambodia, you can do it yourself as described, or use an agency and pay much more. if you are a fan of gambling and get to cambodia at ban laem crossing be sure to try it out Eagle King Casino in Kamrieng. Cambodian Casinos are very good.

Online Casinos as an Alternative to Expats

If for any reason you cannot use land-based casinos, there may be an alternative online casinos. However, it is worth knowing the local regulations regarding online gambling. When you are in a country where online casinos are legal, you can take advantage of a selection of the best online gambling platforms. These can be, among others Bitstarz Casino, Fairspin Casino, 7Bit Casino or Tsars Casino.

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